Saturday, 28 November 2009


The season-to-be-merry is rushing in. To herald its arrival, Iconista watched Holiday Inn again.

She could dissect it for you Gun-style, but frankly she ain't that diligent.
Or smart.

Bing sings. Fred dances. A couple of dames make pretty for the camera.

The dialogue was sharper than Iconista remembers.

Dame #1, choosing Fred over Bing, simpers dreamily: "The two of us, dedicating our lives to making people happy with our feet."
Bing, stung: "That's sweet. Well, I guess that kick I got was a good start."

Iconista always feels a little sad for the dames. One minute a movie star; next, vanished into obscurity. Let's raise a glass to them and hope there was something sweet waiting behind the camera after the bright lights had guttered.


modesty said...

veeeery lovely.
thank you!

love, mod

Iconista said...

pleasure, darling...

Mary said...

Just found your site. Love it! "Holiday Inn" is one of my favorites and Marjorie Reynolds was just wonderful.

Iconista said...

Thank you, Mary. The whole film just get better over time.