Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pick of the Week

You've probably already seen what Parker found on YouTube. What a happy coniscidence. I've been Romy all week on Facebook (well, my profile picture's been Romy, the text is pure Iconista).
Look at her go with that slinky.

Horror and LSD are two things Iconista steers well clear of and she's always been a little worried that others seek them out. So this captured her attention, a very intelligent article about the subtext of horror movies and acid experiences that make them both a little more comprehensible and therefore less frightening to this hanging-on-to-reality-by-a-gin-soaked-thread dame.

Enough wretched soul-searching. Enjoy some more vintage erotica. Damn pretty.

And to counterbalance the erotica, here's a beautiful combination of stupidity and hope. Life magazine's collection of Dumb Inventions.

There, Iconista has handed to you on a plate all that it is to be human: fear, existential doubt, lust and dumb optimism. What more could you want?

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