Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pick of the Week

I just loved the gossipy-ness of this peice about Carole Lombard's boobs at CaroleLombard.org It's great to see Crawford being bitchy.

Off topic for a moment, I have to share these photos of the Thin White Duke. How I loved him. What a fool I was. His list of betrayals just goes on and on. Didn't he marry a supermodel and become a merchant banker? I thought a man could sink no lower, but now I discover he adored Lennon - the biggest pseud of them all.

Of course, this is still not his greatest betrayal; his greatest was to get his teeth fixed. But that's what happens when a vain man marries a supermodel. He must have felt crucified every time he smiled at his wife. But let us enjoy and forgive.

OMG! Someone's done a whole peice on the history of his teeth. I LOVE the internet.

My favourite Parker piece this week (oh, how do I choose?) is on Nancy Carroll - I'd never heard of her, but it sounds like she deserves to be heard of, so follow the links....

Before I sign off, how could I not share this movie of Lombard dancing in her skimpies?

Ciao, darlings.


Orlando said...

Oh, i love this photo of Carole smoking.. This is the one what make me love the vintage photographic since 1999 when i saw this in a book of movie stars.

If you have a time, can i ask something? please post about Lee Remick or Joan Bennett; you know what i admired this stars -and Madge Evans too- but in the internet is very little what i found about them.

Thanks!! :)

Kirk Wisebeard said...

one of the most irritating reviews I ever read had as its subject David Bowie.... in it the reviewer had a go at Bowie's supposed inability to act, stating that he played the role like some over the top panto villain... which role? which film....??? The Goblin King in Labyrinth.... critics!