Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pick of the Week

Marinni posted some glorious photos of Josephine Baker on Vintage Photographs, pictures that turned her from legend to human in my mind.

And while I'm delighting in this week's VP offerings, have you ever heard of Högertrafikomläggningen? A big day in Sweden. Iconista would have loved to ease her Mura through downtown Stockholm on that day. She thrives on chaos.

Oh, and the overly-prolific Sheila has finally posted something that captured my interest: a link to a blog I've not come across before. Mystery's not my thing but this particular post has some images that stick. Faces pressed against window, dozens of them, not always in a good way and not a single one Joan Crawford. Gorgeous.

My dearest Parker over at Starlet Showcase had a nice take on Labor Day (Iconista has no idea what Labor Day is, apart from a show of poor spelling).

Cheer up, dear. You'd be working for Nike nowadays.

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