Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I hate to say this

But all hail the Siren. Overly wordy though she is, the Siren occasionally makes Iconista stop to read.

Iconista liked this post. She didn't read all of it, but concentration has never been one of her good points. I mean it's simply bad manners to devote one's attention to a single guest at a party. (Iconista doesn't linger too long lest her champagne grows flat.)

But the combination of Old Hollywood tittle-tattle and phrases like "waves of crazy" and "sea of batshit" left Iconista blinking with admiration. Read it yourself and share any juicy bits I may have overlooked.

While you have my attention, didn't I promise you big dresses a while ago? Suck these up, sweeties, and if they're not your thing, you can always take what Iconista refers to at dinner parties as "The Vegetarian Option".

Vivien Leigh, Waterloo Bridge

Peggy Fears. You name the movie. I hadn't even heard of the dame.

Bette Davis hamming it up, no doubt in Jezabel

Marlene in The Scarlet Empress, a deliciously weird and gorgeous movie

Garbo pretending to be sweet in Camille. Yeah, right.

Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette. Sugar-wouldn't-melt bitch playing sugar-wouldn't-melt bitch. Delicious.

Merle Oberon in Wuthering Heights. Bless.

Do I need to tell?

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