Saturday, 28 November 2009


The season-to-be-merry is rushing in. To herald its arrival, Iconista watched Holiday Inn again.

She could dissect it for you Gun-style, but frankly she ain't that diligent.
Or smart.

Bing sings. Fred dances. A couple of dames make pretty for the camera.

The dialogue was sharper than Iconista remembers.

Dame #1, choosing Fred over Bing, simpers dreamily: "The two of us, dedicating our lives to making people happy with our feet."
Bing, stung: "That's sweet. Well, I guess that kick I got was a good start."

Iconista always feels a little sad for the dames. One minute a movie star; next, vanished into obscurity. Let's raise a glass to them and hope there was something sweet waiting behind the camera after the bright lights had guttered.

Friday, 20 November 2009


Iconista has not smoked for fifteen hours.

It is Hell.

Pola Negri

Take a drag for me, Bette



Romy, bless her

Tallulah. Do you suppose she's waiting for someone to come lift her fingers to her lips?

Here's a dame that doesn't need any help.

Pick of the Week

Iconista does have a soft, romantic side; like Bacall in her prime, it's slim, but it's choice. That's why she was rather taken by these Victorian snaps by Lady Clementina Hawarden, c1860.

Glamour Daze did shoes this month. What's not to love?

While Sheila, bless her, pieced together a gazillion quotes on Mr Smith GTW. Ms O'Malley must have very little else to do. Simply read Capra's comment on darling, darling Jean Arthur. It'll do you for the day and leave you time to attend to the rest of your diary.

How could Iconista possibly ignore any post from Garters, especially on Jean Harlow? Iconista grows fonder of Harlow by the year.

Hollywood Heyday has published a sweet little study from 1932 on Jackie Cooper. Read it all if you wish. If not, Iconista will save you the trouble: here's the nub:

"He is a real boy with the normal interests of a real boy. If you can get the subject around to football, baseball or aviation, you have a chance of getting some responses."

Sounds like every man Iconista ever met.

If you're looking for something a little more clever-clever, Film Forno takes the time to dissect the classic Orphée. Iconista suspects she may have met her match in Cocteau's vision of Death.

Meanwhile, Parker, adorable as ever, is giving cooking lessons.

Iconista never cooks.
So far there's been no need.

(Kisses to Parker incidentally for the mention.)

Gunslinger posted this fine dinner in their Men of the West series.
Yippee-ei-o, darlings. Iconista is packing her lasso and heading out there immediately.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Something for the weekend

It's been days since Iconista's been properly kissed (the eager pecking of boys does not count). She must make do with a little vicarious smooching.

Robert Taylor and Lana Turner in Johnny Eager. Frankly, she looks a damn sight more eager than him.

Oh, go ahead. Guess.

To be honest, Iconista is bored of these two mugging for the camera, but one must get it where one can.

Coop and Neal. Nice work.

Angie Dickinson making hot with God knows who.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Allow Iconista to indulge her passion for a long dead gent. According to Clara Bow he "was hung like a horse and could go all night."

Iconista's interest is merely aesthetic.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bebe Daniels

Iconista has always liked the name, though it must sound stupid in real life. Not a name you'd call a cat for the shame of yodelling it down the garden last thing at night. But for a film star, it's ok.

I googled Bebe today. Dullest life I ever researched.
Don't bother typing it into your search box.
Just look at the snaps. Iconista leica.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Great Disapproving Looks #3

Iconista has survived Halloween. Dispensing candy to mendicant urchins is not my idea of fun. But any excuse to wear black is welcome, though I'd rather be marking the death of a rich husband than playing jellybean dispenser.

Enough chitchat.

OK, Kirk is more menacing than disapproving here. But the whole is-he-gonna-slap-her-or-kiss-her look always sizzles. At least it's more honest than patronising "tut-tut" sexual aggression...

...which is frankly condescending.

Of course, sometimes it's just plain cute.

Iconista is ambivalent about the battle of the sexes.

(Don't you just love how everyone is disapproving on that one?)

At the end of the day, for all their pouting, you know Lana and Joan could sock it to them easy.
They simply choose not to.

Mind you, I think Kirk's dame had better join in or get out before she gets hurt.

Too late, darling.