Monday, 2 November 2009

Great Disapproving Looks #3

Iconista has survived Halloween. Dispensing candy to mendicant urchins is not my idea of fun. But any excuse to wear black is welcome, though I'd rather be marking the death of a rich husband than playing jellybean dispenser.

Enough chitchat.

OK, Kirk is more menacing than disapproving here. But the whole is-he-gonna-slap-her-or-kiss-her look always sizzles. At least it's more honest than patronising "tut-tut" sexual aggression...

...which is frankly condescending.

Of course, sometimes it's just plain cute.

Iconista is ambivalent about the battle of the sexes.

(Don't you just love how everyone is disapproving on that one?)

At the end of the day, for all their pouting, you know Lana and Joan could sock it to them easy.
They simply choose not to.

Mind you, I think Kirk's dame had better join in or get out before she gets hurt.

Too late, darling.

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