Thursday, 2 October 2008

For Pickfair

In exchange for that lovely story about Theda Bara being wicked because her name spells Death Arab backward (well almost), I'll share my pictures of Nazimova and Negri (and an extra Theda). There is so much to know! I'm still trying to fit Katharine Hepburn into my hectic schedule and she is just the tip of the iceberg. The days are too short!


Pickfair said...

Smashtastic!! Thanks so much!! Im no expert on computers so havent any pics to share yet! We should have 48hr days to fit in our reading! No wonder i have shopping bags under my eyes!! Im reading a fab book at the mo called "Kiss Holywood Goodbye" by Anita Loos a really good read, she knew Pickford, Swanson etc... She was there at the start back then.

Iconista said...

I managed to find a picture of Loos - it's in my Flickr photostream.

Flickr's a good place to search for pictures of your favourite actresses - there are thousands. Also check out some of the blogs in my blog roll. And I assume you've found Dr Macro's site by now - heaven!

Pickfair said...

Yes i have thanks!! Ebay best place for cheap books, i bought Adolph Zukor auto bio for 50P and the book was signed!! Last recommendation of the day biography of close friend of Pickfords and most sucessfull screenwriter of the twenties.....Frances Marion!! I could go on and on!! infact i am arent i!! Chow!!