Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shy They Ain't #4

Here's some dames Iconista never heard of. Guess they tried hard, but in all the wrong places.
Martha O'Driscoll

Dorothy Malone. Name rings a bell but Iconista couldn't pick you out of chorus line, dearie.

Bless you Cindy Gardner. You deserved more.

Andrea King. Quit while you're ahead, honey. Like little bear's porridge, one day someone's gonna eat you all up.

Alexis Smith. You look a hard nut to crack, Smithy. Maybe that was your mistake.


Steven Vance said...

Actually, Martha O'Driscoll (a distant cousin of mine) left the Hollywood acting scene to marry a very wealthy man and enjoyed quite the pleasant life, splitting her time between the Chicago area and their horse ranch in Florida(I think its in Florida).

Iconista said...

Bless you, my dear. That is perfectly lovely to hear. I worry so about those starlettes and it gives me comfort when I hear they escape and live real, happy, non-dysfuctional lives. So many seemed to break their hearts with trying and then set fire to their beds while they were in them.