Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Glimpse of Stocking

The blessed Charisse has inspired Iconista. Not to dispense with her stockings. She dispensed with those when the mercury hit eighty. But to shock her darlings with a glimpse or two. There are legs a-plenty in Iconista's collection, but there is definitely something more shocking in a glimpse of stocking than in a row of raw legs. Too much flesh puts one in mind of the butcher's slab rather than the boudoire.

Wide Ida


Marilyn said...

Cyd was amazing, legendary. If I had her legs I would die from happiness.

Iconista said...

Sounds like a waste of legs, honey.

VP81955 said...

To the power of the stockinged female leg! (And when a lady with legs like Cyd Charisse wore them, she turned into a larger-than-life superwoman.)