Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Guess the film

I have to deliver a ms by the end of October, so forgive me if my blogging gets a little intermittent. Personally, I'm increasingly loving short, photo-rich blogs. Much as I love Sheila O'Malley and the Siren's long thought-provoking essays, I can't help feeling that these super-women have more hours in the day than the rest of us (though the bitchy part of me simply assumes they're barren spinsters with sugar daddies to pay their rent and food. Which reminds me, any sugar daddies reading this may apply to the.iconista at

So here's a quick offering snatched from my current favourite blog (I'll tell you which one later, if I told you now, you'd cheat.)

Which film is this from?

I knew the moment I saw - which isn't boasting beacuse I'm usually crap at this kind of thing. I think my recognising the film from this single iconic shot is a testament to the quality of the movie, which I've seen only once, but which still plays regularly in my head.

P.S. The Deneuve photo at the top is by Richard Avedon. I threw it in just because it's so gorgeous it seemed mean not to share.

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