Thursday, 18 September 2008

Contains Some Bad Language

This is really just a follow up to my last post - thought you might like it, VP!

Who knew people swore in the 30s?


VP81955 said...

Lombard was famous in the Hollywood community for her language. Legend has it she used her vocabulary as sort of a defense mechanism against some of the industry's more unsavory folk (important to an actress starting out in the business), actually learning some of the terms from her two older brothers. However, she was invariably careful in her use of such words, not using them when children were around. She could swear like a sailor, to be true, but she could also engage in sophisticated, intelligent conversation.

Read Garson Kanin's "Hollywood" for a wonderfully vivid description of Carole (whom he directed in "They Knew What They Wanted").

Iconista said...

I must read Kanin's Hollywood - it seems to be top of everyone's list. Thanks for the info.