Saturday, 11 August 2012

I was Marlene's Double

Marlene's Body double. I can see why. She has that same way of standing. Like she's only here because she has to be.

"Actress Tala Birell was born on September 10, 1907 in Romania. She was a body double for Marlene Dietrich in many of her German films. Birell is best remembered for her film appearance in Bringing Up Baby (1938). Other notable film credits include Lets Fall in Love (1933) and Crime and Punishment (1935). She died on February 17, 1958 in Landstuhl, Germany and is buried at the Cemetery of Marquartstein in Bayern, Germany."


Fabrice said...

Thank you, I am a Marlene fan and I didn't know her.

Iconista said...

Pleasure, darling. I'd not heard of her either. You learn a little every day, huh?