Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Return of the Magnificent Slattern

It occurs to Iconista that's she's neglected her public.
She has been a tad busy. Who knew, when pushed, she could write 40 thousand words in week, then rewrite 100k in a weekend?
So, if you find her taciturn here, blow. She hasn't words to waste.
Pictures, on the other hand, she'll scatter freely.
Suck these up honeys, in no particular order.

The Baron of Arizona

Katharine Hepburn as the Thin White Duke

The Original Jackman


nobody said...

what is the top photo of the 2 ladies kissing from?

Iconista said...

Darling, I was hoping someone would tell me.

Anonymous said...

That's not Katharine Hepburn in the photo with the cigarettes

Iconista said...

Of course not darling, unless she's shot up a few inches. But ain't it the spit?

Anonymous said...

the top pic is from the 1958 remake of M├Ądchen in Uniform

Iconista said...

Dear Anonymous, I shall count you among the Blessed.
Thank you, dearest.