Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jule Andre or Gwilli Andre?

I've come across this picture twice this morning. The first time was following a comment on a photo by Edward Steichen I posted on Flickr of a model called Jule Andre. 
MyVintageVogue had posted the same model under the same name. But we both got similar comments from pictosh:

I'm pretty sure that this is tragic Danish model/actress 'Gwili' Andre. Can it be? It's great, that you have a 1920s fashion shot of her!
As far as I know, she was once hailed as New York's most beautiful model. 
RKO producers tried to sell her as new Garbo/Dietrich copy in the early 30s, but it didn't work out and she ended tragically by burning herself shortly after her 51st birthda

So, is it the same woman?

Jule Andre at Vogue by Edward Steichen

Jule Andre at Vanity Fair 1927


Gwili Andre at RKO early 30s (photos by Ernest Bachrach)


Anonymous said...

according to the book ''Edward Steichen, His Years at Condé Nast'' it is the same person. before she entered hollywood she was a model

Iconista said...

Darling, thank you. I was beginning to believe no one knew nor cared.