Saturday, 9 August 2008

Following links can be dangerous

Have you ever heard of Gwili Andre? I hadn't until yesterday. One of Orlando's links led me to a photo of her and I wondered why I'd never heard of her. She's no less beautiful than the other movie stars I've been investigating later.

So I asked Orlando.

As ever, my own dear Philip Marlow uncovered a host of links where I could find out about this Danish actress, but in following his breadcrumb trail I have stumbled into a whole Vintage Hollywood blogoshpere - a land so rich and wide and varied that I stand at the edge and wonder. Even if I didn't have a family and career there wouldn't be enough time to travel the length and breadth of it, and since I do have a F and C I don't even dare cross the border; I might never come back.

Even before the internet, life - as Ms Conran said - was too short to stuff a mushroom. It is certainly too short to learn the story of every actor, actress, photographer, film and director that ever blossomed and faded in Hollywood at the beginning of the last century.
And so I will simply use this blog as I first intended, as a noticeboard where I can leave notes and messages to myself to remind me which links and stories and photos I want to follow up. It will be a little like my fridge door – a riot of lists and reminders and mementos.

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