Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Great Disapproving Looks #1

I adore a well-executed disapproving look. Of course Gable was the master.
Here are some of my other favourites. Do tell Iconista if you spy any more.

Joan Crawford and Douglas Gilmore, from the days when lust and disapproval went hand in hand. I can just hear him thinking, "Oh how dare she arouse me by being so damn desirable, the wicked siren." Someone should hand that woman a Burka before he fires one off.

But of course there's always Katharine to even up the score. I love the hint of amused pity under those lashes.

Of course Jimmy was just a plain brute. I suspect Babs can take care of herself though.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The coolest vintage keyboard

Stole this photo from my new fav blog. I want one soooo bad.
If you know where to get one, tell me at once.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Pick of The Week

I had been keeping up with Jimmy Daily for a while, loving the clips of James Stewart there. I always forget how much I like Jimmy until I start listening to him talk. He's fabulous in this clip from Two Rode Together.


Don't click that link, sweetie. Jimmy's gone all precious and doesn't want folks ripping off his stuff. That's as bad as gettting spaceball.gif at Flickr. Why play the game if you don't want to share the ball?

Oh well, that's my personal beef.

Starlight Showcase on the other hand has no qualms about people ripping off his posts, pictures and whatever else he digs up. I admire his style. I may well marry the man, just for kicks.

Besides, his post are always just plain yummy. And he pointed the way to this - my favourite sort of blog - plenty to look at, no blah-blah. (Sheila, take note. Variate less, there's a dear.)

Talking of yumminess, here is a fabulous post from Acidemic about the pre-code movie to beat all pre-code movies and prove depravity was alive and well even in a black and white world.

And finally, because, as always, I have to rush away before the martinis lose their chill, Gunslinger has done it again with a gorgeous post about someone named Clifford Coffin (you do the research, my hands are getting warm.)